FOR 5538 | IMPD4Cat



We are a Research Unit funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with the mission of advancing the field of multistep catalytic processes in fine chemical and biochemical applications. Our team comprises 19 scientists from five institutions across three cities in Germany.




We are developing a comprehensive methodology with the goal of achieving an Integrated Material and Process Design for Catalytic production systems (IMPD4Cat). In pursuit of this objective, we apply fundamental research and knowledge-based development to create a process for synthesizing bioactively relevant α-amino acids and β-amino alcohols from olefins.




The production systems of the future must be engineered to accomplish not only high profitability, productivity, and product quality but also:

  • a substantial enhancement in resource efficiency,
  • a significant reduction in energy consumption,
  • a massive decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation, and
  • the substitution of toxic substances with environmentally sustainable alternatives.

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